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‘Jingle All Ze Way’ At Omba

The festive season is on the horizon, and ahead of it comes ‘Jingle All Ze Way’ – a charming Christmas pop-up at the Namibia Craft Centre’s Omba Gallery.

Featuring items by Susi Asmus, Margit Calegari and Nockels Werner, the lovely display and well-stocked store is a trove of functional art, funky accessories and festive season bits and baubles.

On a Monday afternoon, Asmus is the artist on duty and sits amid the pleasingly curated space gluing guinea fowl feathers to one of her bestselling items: the winged, wildlife-themed African angel.

Impressively, Asmus, who incorporates found and natural objects such as seed pods, cactus, wood, porcupine quills and makalani into her selection of Christmas wreaths, gift tags, greeting cards and ornaments, produces all of her collection herself, sourcing one or two embellishing items from artists at Okahandja and Penduka.

“I like to support local,” says Asmus. “We have so many people making nice stuff in Namibia, so why should I buy from somewhere else?”

Asmus has been exhibiting her festive season fare at the Omba Gallery for five or six years, often alongside longtime friend and artist Margit Calegari, whose signature graphic clocks, kudu horn and wooden lamps, and rock art-esque sand pictures are also on display.

Newer to the scene is Nicole Werner, who goes by Nockels and presents her eponymous brand which enthusiastically displays “made by nockels”, the artist’s Instagram name, on each item.

The production detail of Nockels’ work is worth mentioning.

Everything from sexy tassel lamps and hats, vibrant animal print, leather and glossy transparent handbags to her wrap pants line and a fashion forward cowl hood cape is, as Asmus says in praise, just so.

Finely wrought, convincingly offbeat and neat as a pin, Nockels’ fare is funky, modern, ready to wear and an intriguing introduction to a playful and prolific product designer.

A refreshing take on the Christmas season and on the gifts we give during the festivities, ‘Jingle All Ze Way’ will be on display at the Namibia Craft Centre’s Omba Gallery until 19 November.

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