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Zambian Police Surround Former President Lungu’s House


Lusaka, Zambia — Police in Zambia have surrounded the home of former President Edgar Lungu and are demanding they search it as part of a corruption probe.

A spokesman for Zambia’s former ruling Patriotic Front party, Raphael Nakachinda, told VOA that police forcefully gained access to the Lusaka home of the former president.

“It’s not only unconstitutional, but criminal — this government never to respect the supreme law of the land, which is the constitution, which confers the former president with immunity,” Nakachinda said.

Zambian police spokesman Dan Mwale told VOA on Wednesday afternoon that police were still outside the property.

“Police officers are at the former head of state’s residence. Currently, we can’t give out a statement as to why we have surrounded the house,” Mwale said.

The police action comes 10 months after Zambia’s anti-money laundering agency summoned former first lady Esther Lungu over the ownership of 15 luxury flats in Lusaka.

Investigators said they believed the apartments were ill-gotten gains. The Lungus denied wrongdoing, according to the Patriotic Front party spokesman.

No charges were filed and Lungu’s lawyer told journalists the matter was closed.

Critics say a government campaign against corruption is being used to target and intimidate political opponents.

Numerous officials who served under former President Lungu have been arrested, and his family members questioned.

Current President Hakainde Hichilema has denied allegations that his fight against corruption is targeting opponents. Lungu’s party was defeated by Hichilema and his United Party for National Development nearly two years ago.


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