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Woman covers school books to earn money

WITH the commencement of schools, Christelle Fleermuys (25), a resident of Rehoboth, has started covering the schoolbooks of pupils at the town to sustain herself and her baby.

This initiative sees her charging N$5 each to cover a schoolbook. The wrapping paper is supplied by parents. Fleermuys said hopefully she also raise funds to continue her tertiary education.

“I want to continue with my studies. I want to save some of the money I generate and continue my studies – even if it is not now,” she says.

Fleermuys was a human resources student at Triumphant College in 2020/2021, but had to drop out due to some constraints.

Her chances to return to school were crippled due to not finding employment.

“I am struggling to get a job, and I cannot wait until work comes.

“I have to go out and do something for myself to cover my expenses. I decided to do this to keep myself busy instead of being at home and doing nothing,” she says.

She says she started covering books after she and her mother had a conversation about it. “I thought a person should not have too much pride to start something small. It is from the small things that one achieves bigger things.

“So, I told myself let me start this and see how it works out,” she says.

Fleermuys says she has always been passionate about covering books. “Since my schooldays, I have enjoyed it a lot, and I hope this is something that can grow,” she says. Fleermuys says her business will not come to an end after this month, but would continue as long as she has customers.

“When this business goes quiet, I will see what alse I can take on,” she says.

Apart from covering books, she has also been selling chips, sweets and ice from home since 2021. Fleermuys encourages unemployed young people to start their own businesses.

“If we don’t stand up for ourselves, no one will. We should start small.

“We can’t just lie down and wait for that job. Start your own thing, and God will open doors if He sees you’re really committed,” she says.

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