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Windhoek gets 300 applications for water meters in three months

THE City of Windhoek has received more than 300 applications for water meters since August.

City spokesperson Harold Akwenye on Monday said the implementation of the water meters was structured to give pensioners favourable repayment options.

There is no time limit for applications.

Akwenye said applicants have different payment options.

“You have the option to pay it off over five years or 60 months. The cost of a prepaid water meter is factored into the prepaid water tariff,” Akwenye said.

He said no reconnection fee is charged.

“The only requirement once disconnected is to make arrangements with debt management how to pay off your debt,” Akwenye said.

In August, the City of Windhoek invited residents interested in prepaid water meters to apply for installation.

According to the municipality, prepaid water meters operate on the same principle as prepaid electricity meters.

Residents can select one of two payment options when applying for prepaid water service connections.

Applications for prepaid water service connections should be completed by the owner of a property.

Installation takes place about four weeks after approval.

The City of Windhoek says one of the benefits of a prepaid water service connection is that it allows you to take full control of your water consumption and prevents overspending.

Residents will also be alerted of any water leakages on their premises.

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