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Vocational education vital for economic growth

CHAIRPERSON of the Association of Technical and Vocational Education Regina Ambambi said technical subjects are vital for economic development and growth.

She was speaking to Desert Radio last week.

Her assertions come at a time when Namibia recorded a high failure rate from ordinary level candidates who wrote exams last year.

In contrast, over 50% of all the candidates who sat for vocational-related subjects passed their exams with better grades, providing a glimmer of hope for vocational training in the country.

Namibia has about 98 private and community development vocational training centres (VTCs) and nine public VTCs.

“They are for everybody and meant to give an opportunity to those who did not manage to get into tertiary education or don’t have qualifications,” she said.

Vocational training offers many courses, such as office administration, clothing design, solar installation, auto mechatronics, etc.

The association was founded to deal with the challenges faced by vocational institutions at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Ambambi, while the requirements for each VTC differ, for many community VTCs, the requirements are easily achievable.

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