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‘US government not involved with confiscated drone’

THE US embassy in Namibia issued a response to media reports on the confiscation of a saildrone found in Namibian territorial waters near Lüderitz.

The embassy strongly refuted any claims that the US government is involved with, or has interfered with the confiscated drone.

“Any reports, articles, or social media postings that say otherwise are incorrect and based on groundless accusations.

“We call on all actors to stop the spread of misinformation and to seek the facts before sharing incorrect information,” the statement read.

It explained that, although the drone is made and operated by Saildrone, a private US company, the University of Gothenburg in Sweden contracted the drone for marine research purposes.

“As the research is being conducted by a third-party private institution, the US embassy has no details on the marine scientific research it was conducting,” it stated.

An open search on the University of Gothenburg’s website shows it has a robust marine research programme.

This feedback from the US embassy concurs with source information that the specific drone confiscated is Saildrone’s “uncrewed surface vehicle SD-1067”.

Namibian Defence Force spokesperson colonel Petrus Shilumbu on Thursday confirmed the news, but declined to provide further details, stating that comprehensive information will be shared during a media conference.

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