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Unam offers AS level matrics free registration

THE University of Namibia (Unam) says it would not charge Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level matriculants a registration fee for the 2023 academic year.

The university announced this on Twitter on Wednesday.

“For starters, it is free of charge to apply online to Unam,” Unam posted.

According to the university, new students only need to pay a student union contribution of N$150.

“You will receive priority admission to the university hostel accommodation. Automatically you will get a 10% discount in January on your 2023 tuition fees,” Unam said.

Unam marketing officer Simon Namesho says the university remains a tertiary institutoin of choice for many Namibians, as well as international students.

“Locally, Unam recognises that it faces competition in attracting and recruiting the best students from a relatively small pool of about 9 000 pupils set to write the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) examination in 2022,” he says.

He says Unam has a transformed curriculum and a number of new programmes on offer for the 2023 academic year.

“It is against that background that Unam created approaches to attract the National Senior Secondary Cercificate Advanced Subsidiary students through optional financial incentive packages,” he says.


The university offers various discount options, Namesho says.

“A qualifying student may choose one of three financial options on offer.”

Namesho says five options were presented to the university council for approval, namely, a discount incentive, book voucher incentive, photocopying/printing credit allowance incentive, a hostel incentive and a laptop incentive.

Only three options have been approved. The registration fee discount amounts to a reduction of N$1 620 per student, Namesho says.

“Additionally, tuition fees will be discounted at 10% per AS first year enrolled student, and AS students opting to stay in the hostel will be given preference over other students,” he says.

Namesho says a quarter of available hostel space at Unam’s various campuses will be reserved for qualifying students.

“It is safe to reserve a quarter to ensure that other deserving students are not disadvantaged in terms of hostel accommodation. The students will still carry the hostel fee, and therefore there are no cost implications on this incentive option,” he says.


Student Union of Namibia (SUN) president Benard Kavau says the union welcomes the university’s initiative.

“This is a good call by the university. We have been calling for free registration for many years, but it took them long to realise the need. But this is good,” he says.

“It’s good that the university is making education accessible to all students. We hope it will continue like that,” Kavau says. He says the university aims to attract AS matriculants to study at Unam, since many prefer to study abroad. “This initiative must be applied by all universities. It would reduce the burden on both students and their parents,” he says.

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