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The Beauty of Options Personalities, Motherhood, Family and Careers

Being a career woman and a mother is one of the most challenging aspects of life, especially for those who seek to maintain a balance between work and family.

Many mothers find it hard to maintain a work-life balance, as working full-time can be extremely taxing and exhausting, to such an extent that they have opted for full-time parenting.

The Weekender spoke to career women who are mothers, some in the entertainment circles, to shed more light on the beauty of being a mother, and what they go through daily, especially balancing it with their careers, as well as those who have opted for a career-led path.

Local personality Nelaolange Shipushu is raising her two children while having an eight-to-five job.

Having been a mother for 12 years now, she says balancing a career and motherhood is different for all women. After being a mother for some time, she feels she has it all figured out.

“I’ve pretty much learnt the best routines and techniques around prioritising between my family, job, and outside interests […] and most importantly to recognise that I’m doing the best I can,” says Shipushu.

She says women pursuing their careers can do much more.

“I love my family, I enjoy my job and I’m very passionate about my businesses. Over time, I’ve designed a world for myself where I intentionally spend time with my children, where I relish the challenges that come with my job, where I invest in businesses that keep my passion for marketing, people and fashion ablaze,” says Shipushu.

Even though Shipushu is passionate about her job, she says the beauty of motherhood is the privilege of teaching her children valuable lessons in love, empowerment, compassion and humanity, shaping them into responsible citizens.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that by simply living our lives intentionally and authentically, my husband and I are, in many ways, shaping these beautiful individuals.”

According to Shipushu, the challenges she experiences as a mother are those moments when emotions well up at once.

“Walking around with raw emotions, vulnerable, but simultaneously having to put up a facade for the sake of the children. It is truly difficult, but I have always been cushioned by my faith, trusting that I’m never alone and that God put me in this role, trusting that I could handle anything,” she explains.

Commenting on single motherhood and the responsibilities that come with it, Shipushu says: “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Musician Esther ‘Star’ Shaduka, who also has a full-time job and runs her small business, says being a mother is an incredible blessing from God.

“The ability to bring forth life in itself is amazing and further nurturing and shaping a life very rewarding. I consider every phase of my children’s growth an enriching experience that gives meaning and purpose to my life,” says Shaduka, who is raising three children.

She says she manages to juggle all these by simply putting God first and allowing him to be her daily guide.

“From a practical point of view, I make sure that I run and follow a tight schedule, making sure that I have time for everything. Spending time with my children takes a high priority on this schedule. Getting involved in their school activities and even in their social activities helps me bond and understand them better,” says Shaduka.

She adds that she has learnt that if she does not prioritise her children, they will find something or someone else to influence and shape them.

“I always have this perspective that as much as I’m raising my sons and daughters, I have a responsibility towards society to raise upstanding members. I constantly remind myself that I’m raising future leaders, artists or professionals,” Shaduka says.


Businesswomen Tjuna Kauapirura says for her the beauty of being a mother is that she gets to not only take care and nurture someone but there are also many things she learns about herself along the way.

“My values, my morals and the lessons I’ve learnt guide me through parenthood,” says Kauapirura.

She says she is finding it difficult to balance being a mother and her profession.

“I don’t balance it. I’m still trying to find my rhythm and going through trials. What also makes it difficult is that children require different levels of attention at different ages and stages. And so does a career,” she says.

She adds: “Women are the masters of multitasking! We will jet off to the moon, come back, send an email, make dinner, and still put the kids to sleep. It’s a superpower that God has given us,” says Kauapirura.

Songstress Katjivari Kangumine (also known as Etjo) opened up on juggling motherhood and her work as a musician.

Speaking on Desert Radio recently, the young talent said being a mother is a blessing for her, and one of those cute moments that feel like the first experience.

Welcoming her second child this year, she said she is no longer only a mom, but a mother with a huge responsibility.

“Being a mother comes with many responsibilities and one always has to organise and arrange things before gliding anything,” said Etjo, who is part of the duo Ethnix.

“From maternity straight to the stage, we must work. Being a mother and a performer at the same time is crazy. But now everything seems to be falling into place,” said Etjo.


Local influencer Robyn Nakaambo is not a mother yet, but she says she gets pressure from people around her about having children and getting married.

“Societal pressures are everywhere, but the onus is on an individual to live their life the way they best see fit. I for one refuse to succumb to pressure from anyone,” says Nakaambo.

She adds that the peace that comes with living life on her own terms is fantastic.

“Juggling a corporate job, a business, school, influencing, TV hosting, emceeing and just living life by spending time with loved ones and having quality time with myself and mental wellness time seems impossible but I achieve it through prioritising my time,” she says.

“I have my own life planned out and I walk by faith not sight. So I believe that we all have our paths to walk in life, and mine I’ve written down and work relentlessly towards fruition. Many may not understand my choices but that’s not for them to understand but my God’s will.”

She advises people to live a life they are proud of regardless of negative comments.

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