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The Aggravating conditions that worsen Coronavirus


At the heart of the matter everyone is at risk of getting the virus this includes young adults, diabetes and high blood pressure patients. However, some are more vulnerable to having it in a more aggressive blow as opposed to others. There is need for extreme preparation and to be wary of some of the signs.

An assessment of the death rate reveals that older people are more susceptible to the severe covid19 attacks as opposed to younger people although they are also infected. The World Health Organization updated the death rates according to age which shows that between ages of 10-49 death rate goes only as high as 0.4% whereas from the ages 50 going up, the death rate ascends to a peak of 14.8%.

A New England Journal of Medicine examined the nonsevere cases of 1,099 covid19 patients of which 60% were between 15-49 years of age which might suggest this group is spared the aggressive attacks by the virus leading to death. Another assessment of 163 patients revealed 41% to be young adults, 31% were from 50-64 whilst 27% were above 65. The only age group spared of severe attacks seems to be those below 14. Therefore, anyone despite age group or being medically infirm can contract the virus.

It is rather advised to look at underlying causes and how to tackle them as opposed to feign ignorance assuming that you are spared. This will aid in curbing the spread of the virus as well as protecting our loved ones.

The covid19 tears apart lungs leading to cardiovascular complications china’s study of less than half of 44,600 returned the following results










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A study of 150 patients in Wuhan, China showed people with cardiovascular diseases were more prone to death when infected. This is caused by the connection between heart and lungs, if one has a weak heart or blocked arteries, they are required to do more to get oxygen moving in their bodies. A study in Wuhan also showed that influenza often attacked people with covid19 because they would already have a weakened immune system. Cardiac patients or those with any of the above conditions are advised to get vaccinated for flue and bacterial pneumonia.

People with heart problems suffer the risk of not knowing how vulnerable to severe covid19 attacks. This heightens the threat of influenza and covid19 attacks. Diabetes and cardiac patients are implored to have their regular medication and people with and without high blood pressure should constantly check if their blood pressure is under control.

Asthmatic people, those with allergies as well as those with chronic respiratory illness and smoking lung damage have the risk of the conditions aggravating to extent of landing them in hospital. The alarming thing about covid19 is that one can have the virus for 2 days to up till 6 weeks with no symptoms but will still be contagious and shedding it to others around them. In the premises it is prudent for people with respiratory illness to take their medication and avoid gatherings and avoid public transportation or   travelling in general. People should also not shy away from engaging medical professionals for help and check-ups.

Patients suffering from cancer, leukaemia or lymphoma undergoing intense therapy or born marrow transplant are prone to catching viral pneumonias because their immune systems are often compromised by treatment they receive. Cancer patients are best served by social distancing and good hygiene.

Children under 9 years seem to have little to none of the severe cases but regardless need to exercise extreme caution as we cannot definitively write off covid19 or assert that any group of human beings are immune to it.

It is noble to do the aforementioned and more to ensure the health and protection of oneself and loved ones.


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