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Tanzania: Kwala Dry Port – Why Zambia Deserve Slot

PRESIDENT Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has revealed that the decision by Tanzania to allocate a 20-hectare-land at Kwala Dry Port area in the Coast Region specifically for consignment destined for Zambia is aimed at promoting the people centric economic development endeavor.

Zambia will be facilitated with a longer storage period of up to 45 days as the initiative envisions to reduce congestion, delays and ultimately reduce cost for doing business in Zambia.

The move will further boost trade between Zambia and Tanzania as well as create more trade opportunities for the people in the two sides.

Dr Samia disclosed this on Tuesday in her keynote address during the commemoration of the 59th Anniversary of the Independence of Zambia as part of her three-day State visit in the country, referring to the gesture as a gift to the people of Zambia.

“When we speak of equitable distribution of resources, we underscore the need for the people to be at the centre of our initiatives.

“To the Zambian and Tanzanian nationals who are now listening to us today, I want to assure you that Zambia President Hakainde Hichilema and I are believers of people centred economic development,” said Dr Samia.

She added: “In the spirit of having people at the centre of our initiatives and in line with our ambition to further ease business between our two countries, my government has made a decision to allocate 20 hectares of land at the Kwala dry ports, and coastal region of Tanzania for consignments destined for Zambia.”

And in this regard, she noted that the two governments express their commitment to continue to promote a favorable environment to ensure free movement of goods and people.

According to her, the geographical borders of the countries will simply remain as administrative lines between the people that cannot be separated due to existing shared history, geography, blood kinship, tribes and culture.

Apart from that, she indicated that Tanzania has embarked on modernization and mechanization of the Dar es Salaam Port to ensure it operates effectively, efficiently, timely and seamlessly in its activities.

In this regard, Dr Samia called on the business community in Zambia to seize this unique opportunity, assuring all Zambians that Tanzania will remain an extended family member, a reliable friend and a strategic partner, much as it was during the struggle for political liberation.

She further went on to note that the two countries will continue to be friends for all seasons and complement each other in the drive to transform their economies.

Dr Samia said that the founding fathers of the two nations were able against all odds to establish from scratch one of the greatest economic corridors ever to be built in the post independent Africa, including Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) pipeline, Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) and TANZAM Highway all stretching along thousands of kilometres of forest and mountains for the quest of economic emancipation and political liberation of the countries.

She exerted readiness to ensure the corridor remains vibrant as it was invested during its inception. Recognizing the need to ensure energy security and adequate power supply for industries, she pledged to continue with the endeavour to link the Southern African Power Pool with the Eastern Power Pool.

“Understanding the need to live a new milestone of our own, we will continue in our commitment to transform the existing TAZAM and construct a new natural gas pipeline from Dar es Salaam to Zambia,

“As we look ahead, I wish to reaffirm Tanzania’s commitment to strengthen the existing ties of cooperation and bonds of friendship between our two nations. Toward this aim, our shared vision of peace and united Africa remains our guiding principle,” stressed President Samia.