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Some fans unimpressed with Gazza’s latest music

SOME music lovers recently took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with music sensation and award-winning artist Gazza’s (Lazarus Shiimi) recently released music.

Many feel that his latest music is not on par with past releases. “Gazza is releasing trash music comfortably for two years now and no one is talking about it,” one music fan wrote.“Here I am thinking that I was the only one hearing the trash. I have been waiting for someone to say it,” another fan noted.

“The album was wack and then the rest is just so very off. So many collaborations, but no influence on them. To be honest, the KFC album was not it.”Another follower agreed with the sentiments, but opted not to comment on the matter for fear of being labelled a ‘hater’.Another commented that the Oshikuku born hitmaker was just not ‘Gazza-ing like he used to anymore’.

While others believe the ‘Zula to Survive’ musician was simply getting older. “Gazza is ageing up and we won’t expect the same vibe anymore, but at least he is consistent,unlike other artists who insult people,” another fan said.One fan said he hoped Gazza would see the comments and do his homework.

“He lost the compass doing amapiano tracks, instead of sticking to kwaito and making it global, like some South African artists have done with amapiano and Nigerians with Naija music,” one said. Die-hard fans, however, defended Gazza. “Who cares about your opinion.

If you don’t like the music then make your own that you are going to listen to,” a supporter said.“Do we listen to the same Gazza or is there another one out there? The one I know is different from what you all are saying. You all need your ears checked,” another fan noted.When quizzed on fans reactions to his newer music, Gazza said it was driven by a negative connotation and he is all about positive vibes.

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