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‘Shotgun Wedding’is kinda fun – The Namibian

A DESTINATION wedding descends into disaster in Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel’s action-packed but decidedly over-the-top ‘Shotgun Wedding’.

Starring Lopez as the gorgeous and successful Darcy to Duhamel’s lovable but flailing Tom who triesto stage his dream, Etsy-inspired wedding on a budget, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ begins with the two anxious lovebirds trying to navigate the requisite family drama, glaring divorcees, extravagant exes, cold feet and kooky in-laws.It’s all par for the rom-com course set on a beautiful island in the Philippines until a band of pirates infiltrate the festivities and takes the party hostage. Though the premise is potentially terrifying, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ leans into whatever comedy there may be in the situation as bride, groom and guests respond to the terrorists with hand grenades, fire plots and humanising sympathy pleas.Featuring Jennifer Coolidge as Tom’s well-meaning and unwittingly hilarious mother, Lenny Kravitz asthe bride’s showboating ex, as well as Cheech Marin, Sonia Braga and Callie Hernandez as Darcy’sestranged folks and surly sister, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ boasts a solid supporting cast quipping their waythrough a plot that seems thin, is often implausible but which is ultimately serviceable.In director Jason Moore’s film, the Philippines is simply an island backdrop and the Filipinos are a cute couple of elderly resort owners. Bullets rain from machine guns but never strike anyone of significance,live hand grenades are deployed with aplomb by certified civilians and the creepily masked pirates arebested by the bride and groom time and time again.It’s pretty ridiculous but it’s also a good, escapist time for those days when you want something light and star-powered. Duhamel and Lopez, running around in combat boots and a shredded wedding dress,have fun with it, and viewers who choose to suspend logic and just go with it, will too.Want to win a movie ticket to see ‘Shotgun Wedding’ or a movie of your choice at Ster-Kinekor?Simply answer the following question: Where do Tom and Darcy have their wedding? Send your full name, cell-phone number and your answer to [email protected]

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