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Robyn Nakaambo Scoops South African Deal

Television personality, influencer, MC, public relations practitioner and businesswoman Robyn Nakaambo has some exciting news for her followers after recently bagging a deal with the Sofn’free hair product range in South Africa.

Nakaambo will be promoting the new Black Castor Oil range, which comprises an assortment of anti-dandruff products including a moisturising braid spray, hair food, oil moisturising lotion, curl moisturising spray, afro spray, high-sheen spray and blowout relaxer.

Nakaambo’s official duties with the brand start today and will conclude on 30 October.

“This is a range that accommodates diverse hair textures. I believe it encourages women to be true to themselves and wear their hair the way they best feel, while knowing it remains healthy. I have natural hair, so this range has truly been heaven sent for my natural hair journey, with the range consisting of products specifically designed for natural and relaxed hair,” she says.

The partnership developed after she contacted the brand earlier this year to express her wish to work with it.

“I finally met the team on one of their visits to Namibia. I was in awe with what they envisioned. I then introduced them to Fluffy from Fluffy’s Artistry to better gain an understanding on Namibian salons.”

Nakaambo says the brand is close to her heart as she personally uses it, which is why she was interested in promoting it.

She says the deal is phenomenal, as it comprises much more than just influencing. Besides an extensive social media awareness campaign on Nakaambo’s social media platforms, The Sofn’free team is scheduled to conduct an awareness campaign from 19 September to 4 October in Windhoek and at Oshakati.

The Sofn’free team will host two free hair seminars for hairstylists, to showcase new products, demonstrate how to get the best results using the products (on local hair models) and share the latest in hair trends.

Each seminar will cater for 150 hairdressers.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity for our local hairdressers to broaden their horizons. Our very own celebrity hairstylist Fluffy’s Artistry will also be part of this impeccable team. I encourage all the hairdressers to keep an eye out on my social media pages and the media for the venue and time of the seminars.

“I would like to encourage all hairdressers to make time to attend. The seminars are free, transport will be catered for and they will learn a lot. In addition to this, the team will also have store activations and many more activities to best penetrate the Namibian market.”

Nakaambo urges influencers with a dream to remain true to themselves, saying individuals can often lose themselves in this field.

To succeed, it is pivotal to remain consistent and persistently work towards constant personal development, she says.

She also advises entrepreneurs to set milestones and work relentlessly towards achieving them.

“I want people to know that failures are lessons, and wins are a stepping stone to bigger goals. Create your niche in our market and sell that to brands.

“Our job as influencers is truly effortless when one influences for a brand from an authentic place. I encourage Namibian influencers to dream big, manifest greatness and work towards achieving it,” she says.

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