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Public urged not to keep dangerous weapons

THE police at Walvis Bay have confiscated several items that are used as weapons during stop-and-search operations this year.

Although the police said they have no exact figure as to how many weapons they have confiscated in the past couple of weeks, they said weapons raising concern include knives, pangas, and knobkerries from taxis.

Erongo police unit commander for community affairs, inspector Ileni Shapumba says although no law prohibits people from keeping items like knobkerries, it is not advisable to buy and use them as weapons.

He says some items may not be viewed as dangerous weapons, but are dangerous when used incorrectly.

“Taxi drivers are using especially knobkerries to protect themselves, while robbers are using them to attack people.

“These weapons are a cause of concern, as they are now also used in homes in cases of domestic violence.

“We are also investigating a case in which someone used a traditional bow and arrow to shoot at another person, but missed. We will not allow people to hurt each other. The aim of removing these items from cars is to promote safety,” he says.

Shapumba says stop-and-search operations will continue to be intensified, especially in preparation of the festive season.

The police are determined to make the upcoming holiday season safe for both foreign visitors and locals.

Instead of carrying dangerous items, taxi drivers are encouraged to form a group against crime, “which we will support by doing our best to protect them”, Shapumba says.

“Taxi drivers are urged to avoid transporting criminals,” he says.

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