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President calls for new economic heroes


NEW heroes fighting for the economic prosperity of the country should emerge, demonstrating the same qualities of bravery, courage, steadfastness, zeal and determination shown by Namibia’s fallen heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle.

President Hage Geingob said this when he addressed the gathering at the 32nd Heroes Day commemoration held at Mariental in the Hardap region on Friday. The event honoured fallen heroes and heroines of the country, who died during the fight for Namibia’s independence.

He said no one ever chooses to participate in a war. However, when the freedom fighters, who took up arms on 26 August 1966, realised Namibia (then known as South West Africa) would only be given back to its people through an armed struggle, they united and sacrificed their lives.

“There was a saying that ‘what was taken by force can only be restored by force’, and indeed on this day 56 years ago brave young Namibians decided no longer will Namibians take the brutality of oppression and denied rights from the Germans, and then the South African government. A small group of liberation struggle warriors decided to engage South African forces, an army of terrifying force,” said Geingob.

Geingob said it is befitting to celebrate Heroes Day at Mariental in the Hardap region together with the people of the //Kharas region, which is home to gallant heroes and heroines such as the late Hendrik Witbooi (known as Oupa !Nanseb), the late Kai-//Khaun Chief Simon Petrus Kooper and the late Jacob Marengo, who were part of the Nama-Herero genocide of 1904-1908 and the many uprisings in the fight for the land.

“The fight for the freedom of Namibia included people from across the country and from every region. It transcended colour, religion, tribe, and political and economic standings. Therefore, in this country, if ever we want to honour the lives of those we lost, we can never return to a Bantustan and homelands mentality,” said the president.

He congratulated the heroes and heroines of recent challenges such as Covid-19, which was fought by health personnel on the front lines. He said the country is now preparing to move forward post-Covid due to their heroic efforts to deal with Covid-19 head-on.


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