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No work, no pay during strike – NHE

THE National Housing Enterprise (NHE) says it will invoke a no-work, no-pay rule during the strike which 90% of employees voted in favour of on Friday.

NHE spokesperson Tuafi Shafombabi said this on Friday in a statement in reaction to the pro-strike vote by the institution’s employees.

Shafombabi said the planned work stoppage would negatively impact the NHE’s operations and disrupt normal scheduled services.

The NHE would try to resolve the matter with urgency, she said.

NHE employees voted to embark on a strike in the wake of a salary dispute with the housing parastatal.

The Public Service Union of Namibia (PSUN) secretary general Matthew Haakuria announced the results.

This comes after the NHE failed to give the employees a one-off payment it had agreed to.

“After counting the ballots, the voice of the NHE employees is loud and clear. ‘Enough is enough!’ Ninety percent voted in favour of a strike,” he said.

Haakuria said PSUN has informed NHE management of the outcome and invited them to engage the union to collectively resolve the matter before the total stoppage of operations at NHE.

“We informed the Office of the Labour Commissioner as well, who will now be responsible for bringing the parties together to finalise strike rules,” Haakuria said.

He said once the strike rules are finalised, the NHE management would be informed and given notice before the commencement of the strike.

“The ball, for now, is in the court of management,” Haakuria said.

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