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No more multiple ownership of kambashus – Kahungu

WINDHOEK councillor Fransina Kahungu has urged people who are keeping informal pieces of land on behalf of others not to return them anymore but register them in their own names.

Kahungu said this on Saturday in Windhoek during a community engagement meeting in the informal settlements.

According to Kahungu, there are people who build houses in the informal settlements and accommodate people who need land.

“If you know that person A is the owner or has occupied the land illegally and has put you there and wants you to keep it for them, do not give it back to that person if you do not have land,” Kahungu said.

She added that when is it time to register kambashus, they must register the piece of land in their names because they are the ones in need of land.

“That person already has land. All the owners of those kambashus in the illegal settlements do not like you. They don’t love you because they are selfish,” she said.

Kahungu added that those people already own houses registered in their names, but they want to get places in the informal settlements.

“Do not allow that place to be registered. If they say keep this place for me, at the time for registration give your name,” she said.

Kahungu said people who have many houses are businesspeople and those whose names are already registered.

“Where have you seen it? A person having a plot everywhere. In Havana, Otjomuise, Hadino Hishongwa and other locations? Is that person the only one?,” she asked.

According to Kahungu, people who own multiple structures cause problems to the municipality.

“That’s why the municipality now does not know who really is in need of land. Therefore if you know these people, report them so that they are not given numbers anymore,” she added.

At the same meeting, topics such as the city’s current financial situation, the formalisation of the informal settlements and upgrading project, the prepaid water meter roll-out and challenges in the informal settlements, the cleanliness of the city, the electrification project, and social ills such as drugs, alcohol abuse, and prostitution were discussed.

Kahungu informed the residents that the council resolved at its last ordinary meeting to instal high mast lights at the Havana dumping site and Goreangab soccer field during the 2022/23 financial year, as per the request made during the last meeting in August.

Residents expressed appreciation for the developmental progress made in some of their areas and they requested the council to fast-track the provision of an extension of the water pipeline to cater to the communities living far from the existing communal taps.

They also urged council to provide them with a taxi rank and a mobile municipal office to bring services such as the recharging of water tokens closer to residents, regular repair of communal taps and toilets and regular grading of the in-roads that provide wide access to the areas, especially in cases of emergency.

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