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NGO to host housing expo

NON-PROFIT organisation Adventurous Construction and Property Exhibition will be hosting a land and property exhibition to educate the youth and local property agents on the various issues of land and housing in the country.

The exhibition day is scheduled to take place in Windhoek from 27 to 29 October.

Chairperson Edison Uapingene says the main purpose of this event is to help local authorities showcase property investment opportunities, and equal opportunity will be presented to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to curb the mushrooming of illegal shacks in Namibia.

Uapingene says interested parties can apply until 20 October to take part.

Public and corporate organisations are highly encouraged to participate and provide the general public with information through exhibitions as well as various information-symposium platforms.

Uapingene says the construction and property exhibition will boost and guide those in the construction and property industries, and “will help them to advertise their current design and market their brand as their field is very broad and not well exposed to their clients and the general public”.

The organisation says: “The event will help local authorities sell their available plots to potential investors and potential property developers, and will serve as a linkage of opportunities between every potential person and those in the industry. Equal opportunities will be available for students to seek internships.

“More role players in the industry will be granted the opportunity to advertise their services to the general public, such as real estates, and many other players.”

Uapingene says: “This is the best opportunity to address housing issues, such as a rent control board, the mushrooming of ghettos in various cities and towns, and equal opportunity will be granted to academics to address the issue of urbanisation and the overcrowding of urban areas.”

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