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Natis raises service charges – The Namibian

THE Namibia Traffic Information Systems (Natis) has increased its fees for 21 services it provides from 1 June.

According to a statement issued by the Roads Authority of Namibia’s chief executive officer, Conrad Lutombi, under whose jurisdiction Natis falls, motorists who prefer personalised licence plates will pay N$2 000 for this service, which includes the manufacturing of the plates.

A duplicate personalised registration number would cost N$240 per plate, while the transfer of a personalised plate now costs N$80, the notice says without providing the current service fees.

“The allocation of a specific licence number would now cost N$600, while the transfer of a licence number to one’s own vehicle would cost N$80,” Lutombi says.

The transfer of a licence number to a vehicle belonging to another owner would now cost N$600, he says.

The new fee for the annual renewal of a personalised licence number has been raised to N$280, while the issuing of a chassis or engine number would cost N$80, and the issuing of a duplicate document or token N$30.

“The cost of confirming information is N$50 per item, while the application for a learner’s licence (including test) is N$45, and the issuing of a learner’s licence is N$50,” Lutombi’s statement reads.

The application for a driving licence will cost N$160, while the application for professional authorisation is N$110.

The issuing of a driving licence of any code will be N$200.

Issuing a duplicate driving licence will also cost N$200.

“The application for a temporary driving licence is set at N$50, while the application for certification of roadworthiness (including test) is N$150, and the issuing of a roadworthy certificate is now N4 100,” the notice reads.

Lutombi says a notification of an operator’s identity would cost N$40, while the application for a duplicate operator card would cost N$30.

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