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My enemies are after me, send money not prayers – Amushelelo

NAMIBIAN Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) activist Michael Amushelelo is urging the public to support him financially.

He took to social media last week saying prayers won’t pay his electricity bills or put food on the table.

In the post he asked members of the public to assist him financially while he is still alive, adding he has learnt that he will be assassinated.

“Because of the work I am doing, I am risking my life to better the lives of others. The least those people can do is to at least send money to my family, because prayers won’t be able to pay my electricity bills; prayers won’t be able to put food on the table,” he posted.

The Facebook post further reads: “To my dearest wife, I know that every single day when I leave home, you are worried if I will ever come back home.

“You are constantly worried about my life, at any moment you are waiting to receive the news that your husband is in jail or being called to come identify my body at the mortuary.”

In the post it is also claimed that Amushelelo has been threatened with assassination by “the regime”.

The post reads: “If I am to die today, I know that you and my family will suffer the direct consequences of my death, the nation will mourn me for a week and after that I will be forgotten and you will continue suffering due to the fact that I have not left you anything tangible.

“I know very well that any time soon I will be killed, because I have received credible intelligence that the regime is planning my assassination. It is for that reason I am asking the Namibian nation to send money to my wife’s bank account so that she can support my family in my absence.”

The post ended with: “Here is my wife’s details below, show me that you care about my family by putting your money where your mouth is.”

Amushelelo was arrested and criminally charged in October 2019 in connection with his role in an alleged fraudulent investment scheme in which millions of Namibia dollars were solicited from people through false promises that the money was to be invested in foreign currency trading and that investors would earn extraordinarily high rates of interest on their funds.

His criminal case is pending in the Windhoek High Court.


Amushelelo yesterday told The Namibian that although his message is sincere, a fake account is using the same message with a different cellphone number.

“A scammer using a fake Facebook account has used the same message and added the wrong cellphone number, meaning if people want to send money to my wife, they will send it to that number.

“One of the best methods to verify my account is through my number of followers. My Facebook page has over 241 000 followers,” he said.

Amushelelo said various things would indicate a fake account.

“Our public is so gullible. The account for scammers they will say Michael Amushelelo, and add something such as ‘forex’ or ‘NEFF’ to it, or get my surname wrong as ‘Hamushelelo’,” he said.


Amushelelo confirmed that he has received credible information that his life is threatened by possible assassination.

“We have received credible information from guys within the intelligence that there is a threat where they are planning to apparently assassinate me.

“The assassination will apparently be like a robbery, where robbers could come take my wallet and a few of those things and make it look like it was a robbery.

“Obviously, now that I have unearthed that, they will probably resort to other tactics,” he said.

Amushelelo said all he wants is to alert the public that there are people planning to assassinate him.

“The public should not be surprised if I die randomly. I know how people work. I will be making headlines, and after that, my family will be forgotten,” he said.

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