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Mwaalwa’s Obsession With Fashion – The Namibian


Mwaala Nambondi’s Fashion Obsession has slowly found its way into the public hearts since its establishment in 2019.

It stands out from the rest because its pieces are affordable, unique and of good quality. They are also limited, as they do not receive more than four items per set.

Nambondi, the founder of Fashion Obsession, says their denim is among the best, which has elevated their popularity.

Nambondi started Fashion Obsession in September 2019 when she returned from the United States. She says she was inspired to open the fashion business after struggling to find employment.

“Before I started my business, I had been battling to find a job. As a result, I started thinking of ways to find financial independence. I started working from a suitcase, walking up to people I know until I moved to the back of my car. It was sometimes risky to walk around neighbourhoods. The name Fashion Obsession came from my obsession with fashion,” she says.

Nambondi says growing up she always dreamt of wearing beautiful clothes. She loved dressing up and looking good, as it gave her confidence.

Fashion Obsession targets young and middle-aged professional women and Nambondi says social media has been her biggest tool for marketing her brand. She is considering launching websites for her brands soon.

The 29-year-old entrepreneur describes herself as ambitious, driven and hardworking.

Hailing from Ontanda, a small village in Uukwaluudhi, where she grew up, Nambondi moved to the city after Grade 12, then moved to the US, where she lived and studied for an AA degree in dental hygiene at Diablo Valley College in California. She is studying for a bachelor degree in business administration.

“I came from humble beginnings, where I did not have the privilege of having all I ever wanted as a little girl. I’m a very free-spirited person. I have limited time on my hands and whenever I’m not working on my business I’m studying, but when I get a chance I love to travel. I really love exploring. I spend most of my time with like-minded people, business people and people that add value to my life. I do not waste my time with things that do not build me. I love to learn from people that are knowledgeable,” she says.


Nambondi is also the founder of Beauty Skins by Eva, also known as Beauty Skins, focusing on skincare and beauty. Founded in November 2021, Nambondi started the brand after a personal experience.

“I’ve struggled with bad skin for a very long time and I would like to help those that are going through the same thing because I can relate. I know how draining it is walking out of your house with no confidence in your skin. The reason I’ve created this brand is to have all women and men feel comfortable in their skins with products that are life-changing. All our products are made out of natural indigents and are safe to use for both sensitive and normal skin,” she says.

Nambondi advises others with the same dream not to be discouraged, but rather to focus and start.

“Resilience is the key, accompanied by hard work, consistency and focus. Start with what you have. You don’t always need a loan to start your business. You can start with the little you have; as long as you are focused and resilient you will break through.

“In business, there are many challenges and I’m sure every business owner thought of giving up when times were hard. But when you feel that way, all you need is a break, then you will return with a refreshed mind and try again. One of the biggest things that I have learnt over the years is patience and to accept any situation that comes my way and learn something from it,” she says.

Nambondi is looking into expanding to different regions and online stores. She also plans to push her brands more internationally.


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