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Mutorwa wants clean environment for tourists

THE minister of works and transport, John Mutorwa, has encouraged Namibians to work towards a litter-free environment and clean road reserves to create a pleasant travelling experience for prospective investors and tourists.

Mutorwa said this at the launch of the Roads Authority’s nationwide clean-up campaign at Rundu yesterday.

“Today, we are launching a clean-up campaign along our national road network, which will be rolled out throughout the country. Keeping our road reserve and environment clean, creates a pleasant travelling experience and a good impression for prospective investors in our country,” he said.

He said Namibia is one of the most preferred tourist destinations, especially during the festive season.

“It is therefore important to ensure that when thousands of visitors and tourists descend on our country for the holidays we create a lasting impression of a clean road reserve,” the minister said.

He said the campaign’s main purpose is to sensitise all road users and communities on the sustainable benefits of keeping road reserves clean and taking care of the environment.

He said Namibia was accorded the top position of having the best roads in Africa by the World Economic Forum for five consecutive years.

Namibians should therefore be proud of their achievement as a country, he said.

“However, if you travel on our national roads, our hard work is clouded by the litter and garbage on the road reserve, especially at the entrances and exits of towns.

“To conduct our clean-up campaigns successfully, we need the full participation of municipalities, business communities, civil society, the media and all road users,” he said.

Mutorwa said education and awareness are critical to facilitate long-term challenges in attitudes about littering, but the challenge is to significantly reduce the prevailing road carnage.

“Law enforcement alone would not be sufficient to drive us to this goal. We need to self-regulate our behaviour while using the road. I call upon drivers, vehicle owners, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists to observe the rules of the road at all times.

“If we fail in this, we are failing our economic growth due to the loss of our able young men and women who contribute tremendously to this country’s development,” he said.

The RA’s transportation executive officer, Sidney Boois, said if people don’t take care of the environment, it would defy other objectives, such as preserving the health ecosystem.

“We need to be at peace and harmony with nature,” he said, adding it is illegal to put up structures 60 metres from road reserves.

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