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Mozambique and Malawi to Strengthen Defence Cooperation

The governments of Mozambique and Malawi agreed at a Joint Commission on Defence and Security in Blantyre on 30 June to work to combat cross-border crimes. According to a press release from the Mozambican Defence Ministry, those crimes include terrorism, illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings and drugs, poaching, contraband of minerals, and other environmental crimes.

Collaboration between the two countries in defence and security, the release said, will be undertaken through sharing information, training, and strategic knowledge.

The meeting was chaired by the defence ministers Cristovao Chume of Mozambique and Harry Nkandawire of Malawi.

For Chume, the purpose of the defence and security committees is to discuss the various threats that Mozambique and Malawi face within and along their borders. He urged the defence and security institutions of the two countries to implement fully the decisions taken by the meeting.

Chume reiterated Mozambique’s commitment to seek lasting solutions for peace and stability in southern Africa. Bilateral cooperation, he added, should be strengthened at provincial, district and local levels, which would make it possible to reach the objective for which the commission had been established.

Nkandawire expressed his satisfaction at the fact that Mozambique and Malawi have recorded notable growth in the defence and security areas.

The previous meeting of the Commission was held in Maputo in 2022 and the two delegations assessed the degree of implementation of the decisions taken then.

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