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Mayor lends helping hand with hospital toiletry supplies

SWAKOPMUND mayor Dina Namubes was moved to tears after learning during a visit to the town’s state hospital last year that patients were required to bring their own toilet paper during shortages.

In response, the mayor has sought sponsorship from various stakeholders to provide essential supplies during such instances. As a result, she collected 3 600 rolls of toilet paper and 300 bars of soap, which were handed over to the hospital on Friday.

“The move comes after it was recognised that not all patients could afford to purchase these items, potentially leading to a negative impact on the medical environment,” said Namubes.

The call for support with toilet paper and toiletries came from concerned patients and visitors to the hospital, and Namubes believes it is the council’s duty to respond to the needs of the community.

She said the municipality is committed to the well-being and safety of its residents and recognises the important role played by the Ministry of Health and Social Services in ensuring the good health of the Namibian people.

Namubes stressed the importance of standing together for the benefit of the residents of Swakopmund.

“Only through cooperation and collaboration can the municipality ensure that its residents have access to basic necessities during their time at the hospital,” she said.

The senior medical officer at the Swakopmund hospital, Dr David Tjiyokola, praised the municipality for the efforts to develop, not only the town, but also the hospital.

“It is expected for the hospital to maintain a certain level of facilities and supplies for the benefit of its patients and visitors. However, there may be instances where a shortage of necessary items occurs, which could potentially impact the preservation of human dignity in the hospital,” he said.

The doctor was amazed to see the municipality’s commitment to supporting the hospital and recognising the importance of providing a reliable supply of essential items.

He noted the expectations of the people who visit the hospital and underscored the need for the hospital to maintain a high standard of care and facilities.

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