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Mariental installs CCTV cameras to fight crime


THE Mariental municipality is installing 4×4-way CCTV cameras around the town to ensure the safety and well-being of the community and visitors.

The town’s chief executive officer, Paul Nghiwilepo, in a statement on Thursday said: “The CCTV programme is one of several new initiatives designed to improve public safety and community confidence. Arguably, CCTV is one of the most powerful tools developed in recent years to help combat crime and disorder, while enhancing community safety,” he said.

Some people regard CCTVs as an infringement to liberty, and Nghiwilepo said council would use the systems responsibly.

“The council is committed to upholding everyone’s right to respect of private and family life,” he said.

Dirk Cloete, the Mariental chief fire and emergency safety officer, said to date over N$250 000 has been spent on the project, which is 90% complete.

“For a project that has been operational for less than two months, there are already success stories in terms of crime prevention and the assistance provided to the Namibian Police,” he said.

The initiative is funded by local businesses and the installation is expected to be completed by 30 October.


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