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Malawi: UNDP Reaffirms Commitment Towards Unity, Peacebuilding in Malawi

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting efforts by the Malawi Government to settle disputes and set up local mechanisms for sustainable and peaceful societies.

Apparently, UNDP has been supporting Malawi’s efforts in sustaining peace and stability through the social cohesion project since 2012.

UNDP Resident Representative Shigeki Komatsubara said his organization is already supporting the Ministry of National Unity in setting up the Malawi Peace and Unity Commission, which is stipulated by the recently passed Peace and Unity Act.

Among others, the Commission will have district-level structures called District Peace and Unity Committees in every district, including Mchinji and similar to the one in Salima where Dr. Archiwells Katani-Mwale is a chairperson.

Katani-Mwale was the lead mediator in the dialogue the Ministry of National Unity and UNDP organized for ex-Press Agriculture Limited employees.

Speaking at Lusa Estate 69 in Mchinji on Tuesday, Komatsubara said he is inspired by Malawi’s demonstrated commitment to international and regional agreements, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 16, which encourages the strengthening of national institutions at all levels to prevent violence and promote peace.

“I am sure this peace agreement will facilitate peaceful coexistence and sustain peace and stability in Lusa community and Mchinji district. I urge all parties to adhere to the provisions of the agreement to sustain these good efforts,” he said.