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Malawi: U.S. Peace Corp Volunteers Back to Malawi After Three-Year Absence

US peace corps volunteers are back in Malawi this year, three years after they were abruptly repatriated back to America due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The US government has announced the return of the peace corps volunteers to the country in August this year.

The volunteers work in rural communities, primarily at Community Day Secondary Schools, health centers and extension planning areas.

The volunteers help Malawi with various aspects of technical expertise in its pursuit to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to a press statement released by the US embassy in Lilongwe on Wednesday, the previous peace corps volunteers were unprecedentedly evacuated from various countries including Malawi in March, 2020 as a precautional measure following COVID-19 pandemic.

Reads the statement in part: “The peace corps operates in over 60 countries, including Malawi, where more than 3,000 volunteers have served in rural areas primarily at community day secondary schools, health centres and extension planning areas (EPA) since 1963.”

US Ambassador to Malawi, David Young said his country is eager to continue honouring the development partnership with Malawi through provision of volunteers under Peace Corps program.

“It is especially fitting that we celebrate the 60th anniversary of this partnership with the return of peace corps volunteers and continue to deepen the connections between our two countries,” Young said.

Peace Corps Country Director, Amber Lucero-Dwyer appreciated the peaceful and co-existence environment in Malawi which allows volunteers to work and associate with Malawians peacefully.

The volunteers are expected to be in the country mid-August this year.

Meanwhile, the Malawi government through chief spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu has expressed excitement with the news of the return of Peace Corps adding that the development cements the relationship between the two countries.

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