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Malawi: Super Sakuwa Steel Limited Resuscitating Builders and Carpentry Association

Super Sakuwa Steel Limited–suppliers of high quality iron sheets and other construction materials–bankrolled the first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Builders and Carpentry Association of Malawi (BACAM) in a bid to resuscitate the association.

The AGM was held on Sunday in Lilongwe, bringing together scores of skilled people in bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, welding and painting, among other skills.

BACAM was dormant for eight years after its formation, which threatened the safety and welfare of thousands of its members. Members also compromised quality and standards of building construction since the association could not police them.

Super Sakuwa Steel Limited Marketing Officer, Dick Juma, said the AGM initiated a new beginning for BACAM to become active, improve and introduce itself to various other sectors and stakeholders in the industry.

“As a company, we also desire and commit ourselves to seeing BACAM getting registered with the Ministry of Labour. TEVETA must also come in to enhance their skills and capacities”.

BACAM Coordinator, Ishmael Maton, said the resuscitation of the association is crucial for it will help improve and align standards in construction.

“There are rules the association enforces which members strictly adhere to. This is also an opportunity for the public to seek advice on the best construction practices and hire the right skilled people”.

Lilongwe Technical College Principal, Suzgika Mvalo, who was the guest of honour, urged BACAM members to continue with the grouping in order to be networking and sharing knowledge, experiences and skills.

“There is the need to organize various sectors of skilled people in Malawi in order for them to be well regulated to be able to address gaps in construction and improve infrastructure, among many other development projects.”

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