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Malawi: President Chakwera Appeals for Direct Budgetary Support From Donors

Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has appealed for the resumption of direct budgetary support from development partners, saying this would invigorate foreign exchange (forex) flows and by extension pave way for greater economic movement.

Chakwera made the appeal on Tuesday morning during his engagements with Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen of the European Union (EU) on the sidelines of the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in Doha, Qatar.

He also made a plea for substantial support towards Malawi’s cholera epidemic, which has claimed at least 1, 500 lives and affected 50, 000 people at present.

President Chakwera highlighted that Malawi needs both technical and financial assistance to eradicate the epidemic entirely.

The Malawi leader further sought technical support and enhanced collaboration with the EU to see the realization of Malawi’s mega farms initiative through mechanization.

On the other hand, President Chakwera commended the EU for its assistance in a number of projects, including the Ꞓ56.5 million Greening and Growing Malawi Programme (Ulimi ndi Chilengedwe m’Malawi), the Ꞓ10.5 million Malawi Energy Programme (Wala Malawi); and the Ꞓ17 million Access to Justice Programme (Chilungamo II), among several others.

He also reminded the EU delegation of a request for support to establish regional transport corridors (to connect Malawi and her neighbours) under the Global Gateway, which was made during emphasizing Malawi’s challenge as a landlinked (or landlocked) country. His Excellency stressed that the corridors be prioritized and accorded the urgency that they deserve if Malawi is to develop.