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Malawi: Nurses Industrial Action Cancelled

The sit-in for nurses, midwives and physicians in public hospitals under the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives in Malawi (NONM) which was supposed to start on Friday (today) has been cancelled following ongoing discussions with the government.

The organization which operates as a union gave a seven day ultimatum to the government to increase their salaries and allowances following a 44 per cent devaluation.

NONM President, Shouts Simeza told Nyasa Times in an interview that they are entangled in negotiations with the government resulting in prevailing circumstances necessitating sustained involvement through the avenue of conciliation.

“This trajectory evolved after the Ministry of Health’s declaration of a dispute and the subsequent referral of our matter to the Ministry of Labour,” said a conciliator, the Malawi Human Rights Commission has been appointed to meditate.

Simeza observed that the ultimatum is currently overshadowed by the impending mediation/conciliation process.

“We commit to keeping you apprised of the outcomes emanating from this mediation, with the scheduling thereof to be orchestrated by the appointed conciliator,” he assured the nurses.

Simeza said that the procedural phase is anticipated to conclude within a span not exceeding 21 days, commencing from December 22, 2023, a date upon which the Ministry of Health has formally written the conciliator.

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