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Malawi: Minister Confident About Salima Sugar Company

Minister of Agriculture Sam Dalitso Kawale has expressed optimism in the future of the Salima Sugar Company Limited (SSCL).

Kawale was speaking on the sidelines after touring the factory to appreciate some of the work that the company is doing to improve the sugar industry.

According to Kawale, the company’s plans to expand its capacity and management reforms that are currently happening at the company foretell a great future in which Malawians will benefit from the company’s existence.

“We have seen that there’s a great future in Salima Sugar Company Limited, and as a ministry we have committed to do anything in our capacity to assist the company to expand and grow because that is the only way more Malawians are going to benefit from it,” he said

Recently the company embarked on an expansion journey which among other things require increase in capital and implementation of reforms in its management for benefits to be realized.

Executive Chairperson for the SSCL, Wester Peter Kosamu said due to the company’s reforms, more Malawians have been placed in managerial positions, a thing that will allow the company to work in the interest of the Malawian, unlike the case before.

Kosamu said the company is in the process of trying to obtain a loan that will allow it to expand its production capacity.

“So we are asking government to back us up so that we can obtain this loan and we promise that after the sought expansion we will create more jobs for Malawians, but also we will place ourselves for the reduction of sugar prices in the country,” he said.

During the tour, Minister Kawale also appreciated irrigation infrastructure targeted a production of maize at a 1000 hectare land which is expected to start operating during the next irrigation season, implemented with an aim of increasing grain availability in government grain reserves.

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