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Malawi: Lilongwe Grand Business Park to Enhance Economic Growth-Katsonga


Minister of Trade and Industry Mark Katsonga Phiri has commended construction of Chinese Grand Park, saying the park will bring lots of social economic benefits to Malawi economy.

The construction of the Chinese part is in line with the vision of President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera who has encouraged bankable investments.

Phiri said he was impressed and satisfied with the progress made so far on the construction of the business park.

Speaking to journalists soon after touring the construction site in area 46, Lilongwe, Katsonga said the construction of 180 shops, which he said have already been completed, has significant impact on the Malawi economy and this will create a conducive market environment.

“The project is on track and despite difficulties they had when they started construction, they are trying their best to finish it on time, these people are moving the whole Lilongwe to one place,” he said.

Once completed, the business park will have a high-class office building, shopping mall and villas with supporting facilities such as a five star hotel and a conference Centre.

It is also expected that the business park will use solar power to ensure business continuity in case of power outages.

Katsonga said this business park will give people dealing in commercial activities convenience as they will find everything under one roof.

This includes building materials, decoration materials, furniture, boutiques, electrical appliances, banking facilities among others,” he said.