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Malawi Govt, UNHCR Repatriates 224 Burundian Refugees

Government says 224 Burundian refugees were repatriated back to their country in a voluntary repatriation program the government is running in conjunction with UNHCR.

Spokesperson for the ministry of Homeland Security Patrick Botha said the refugees were repatriated between July to December 2023.

Botha said more refugees want to return to Burundi after getting positive feedback from those who had voluntarily repatriated.

Botha said UNHCR is providing reintegration packages to the returnees for three consecutive months as they start rebuilding their life in their home country.

The refugees are being repatriated from Dzaleka refugee camp in Dowa where they were all forced to stay.

Botha expressed satisfaction with the repatriation exercise, saying that the repatriation is one of the durable solutions in the management of refugees in the country.

UNHCR Durable Solutions Officer Rehema Miiro said the commission is committed to supporting the Malawi government in the repatriation exercises of asylum seekers.

The repatriation will among other things, help to decongest Dzaleka Refugee Camp, as the population has grown over the years to over 50, 000 according to UNHCR .

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