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Malawi: DPP’s Francis Mphepo Forges Letter From Party Sg Office


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Administrative Secretary Francis Mphepo is embroiled in an embarrassing forgery scandal following reports that he forged a letter from the office of the party’s Secretary General in a bid to secure Bangwe Desert Ground in Blantyre for a political rally.

The forged letter was sent to Blantyre City Council asking permission to use the ground but the Council turned down the request after noting that the United Democratic Front (UDF) had already booked the same ground on the same day.

Ironically UDF is said to be in a partnership with the former ruling party.

Mphepo’s letter which had no blessings from both the Secretary General Grezeder Jeffrey and the Southern Region President Kondwani Nankhumwa. Was asking the City Council to allow Dr George Chaponda to hold the rally in Bangwe.

“It is total forgery because the letter was headed ‘From the Office of the Secretary General’ yet the SG was not involved. Ordinarily, such rallies are requested by the SG who is like the CEO of the party and being in the south the Regional President was also supposed to be notified of the rally,” said a source from within the party.

Writing on a Facebook post one of the party’s vocal supporters Greyson Chapita writing under the name Che J Grey also expressed his concern on the behaviour of Mphepo.

Chapita also expressed concern that the Administrative Secretary submitted the letter while the UDF had already booked the same venue and paid for it.