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Malawi: Children Refuse to Go to School As They ‘Await the Second Coming of Jesus Christ’


Some children in Nsanje are absconding classes because they spend much time on mountains where a religious cult is telling them that they are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This has infuriated parents who have failed to convince the children to go back to classes as the children seem to be brainwashed by the cult leaders.

This comes days after over 20 people died in Kenya after a religious cult leader told them to starve to death, saying this was the most direct way of going to heaven.

The cult leaders has since been arrested by police and faces prosecution.

Nsanje Victim Support Unit was on Monday presiding over the matter in which some parents are allegedly accusing the religious cult in the district of taking their children out of home and schools to spend days on end in the mountains waiting for the second Cmcoming of Jesus Christ.

Nsanje Police officer-in-charge Joseph Mutupha confirmed that they were hearing the matter on Monday after an earlier community meeting failed to resolve it since the sect’s leaders were sticking to their guns that “everything is now vanity since Jesus will soon appear to take His own”.

Pastor Henry Zongoloti, who represented Nsanje District Pastors Fraternity at the meeting, confirmed that they failed to resolve the case as their colleagues in the collar could not bulge.

“It’s pathetic! Some brilliant learners in the district have refused to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education examinations as they do not see the need to do so when Jesus Christ will soon appear to judge the world, others have denied their parents, claiming they do not know them.

“Imagine, children, calling their parents sinners and outcasts,” he said.


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