You are currently viewing Malawi: Child Rights Literacy Project Reduces Child Abuse Cases in Dedza

Malawi: Child Rights Literacy Project Reduces Child Abuse Cases in Dedza


Dedza district has registered a decrease in cases of child rights violations, thanks to a child rights literacy project, which National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust is implementing in conjunction with the Malawi Law Commission.

The project, which is titled Legal Literacy Programme, aims to increase awareness of gender-related violence and is being supported by UNICEF.

One of the volunteers Isdor Maposa disclosed that there is a significant reduction in cases of child rights violations in the district.

Maposa added that the project has helped a lot as children are also able to understand the laws and report to relevant authorities at the school level when they are faced with a rights violation case.

“We are putting suggestion boxes in all schools where students can drop whatever issues they are going through. Now children are able to report violations of their rights and the perpetrators are being brought to book,” he said.

Peace Ketulo, a teacher at Tapezana Primary School in the district, said the project has empowered children to report cases of abuse in their societies.

“As teachers, we have seen a great improvement on the part of the learners in reporting incidents, as in the past some could not perform well in class because they had been abused, but with these engagements, many children are able to participate,” said Ketulo.

And speaking from Matewe Full Primary School, head teacher of the school, Brave Kuwache said child abuse is one of the contributing factors to low performance in class among children.