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Malawi: Chakwera Calls for Patience As His Administration Fixes the Country

President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Sunday made a prayeful request to Malawians to be patient as his administration continues to fix the country and deal with corruption.

President Dr Chakwera said this during a service at Mgwerambabvi CCAP Church in Lilongwe.

He said addressing corruption, for instance, using the rule of law requires procedures and therefore requires time.

President Dr. Chakwera recently received an award for his effort to fight corruption in the country.

“I say that let’s fight corruption but we should do it according to the rule of law. Others advised me that such a path would delay me.

“We need to know that following the rule of law has a price. The right path takes time,” he said.

He told the congregation that fighting corruption and upholding the rule of law are not an easy task as they have a price to pay.

He said the task becomes huge because others do not appreciate what is happening in relation to the rule of law.

The President said despite negative sentiments from some quarters, he will continue upholding the rule of law and root out corruption for the benefit of the country.

“What I want is the country to develop. As such, we need to make sacrifices that would benefit the country as a whole,” he said.

President Dr. Chakwera also spoke strongly against people taking the law into their hands.

He condemned mob justice, saying innocent people are killed.

He cited an example of people who kill elderly people on suspicion that they practice witchcraft, saying this should stop.

After the church service, the President had a stop-over at Msundwe Trading Centre where he held an impromptu political rally.

He appealed to people to have hope for a better Malawi.

He said he will be going to China next week for a fully funded trip for trade expo where he will be a guest of honour.

He said he will take advantage of the trip to find market for some of the country’s produce so that farmers get good prices for their farm produce.

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