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Malawi: Aford Says Still in Tonse Alliance

Aford secretary general Wakuda Kamanga has told party followers that the party has not pulled out of the ruling Tonse Alliance.

Kamanga said this on Monday during the party’s rally at Nyambadwe ground in Blantyre.

“Our position is that we are still part of the alliance. We will officially write our partners about the challenges and what we think,” said Kamanga.

This comes as Aford president Enoch Chihana, in trying to build political relevance, has been very critical of the alliance and the government.

Chihana has openly been accusing President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and the Malawi Congress Party of disregarding the Tonse Alliance agreement.

Taking his turn at the rally, Chihana said the party should not be undermined as it has been in existence for 30 years now.

Chihana has criticised those who have been questioning its source of funding for political rallies, saying it is not a small party even though members hugely deserted the party some 25 years ago due to his (Enoch) father’s flip-flopping in his political “prostituting” behaviour – today with MCP, tomorrow with UDF etc.

He declared that 2025 is his party’s time to govern Malawi.

Amidst his party followers jeering in agreement, Chihana said, Malawians are tired of unfulfilled and very ambitious promises which the current administration has failed to fulfill.

He has also challenged president Chakwera to allow the Law Commission to make a review for a federal system of government.

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