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Lexus NX250: First impressions last


DRIVING the Toyota flagship, the Lexus, takes you into another dimension when hitting the road.

Top Revs was invited by Pupkewitz Toyota to test-drive the Lexus NX250 (AWD) 2,5l petrol.

The Lexus has soft-touch doors welcoming occupants, and is fitted with a 2,5l four-cylinder petrol engine delivering 152kW of power and 243Nm of torque at 4 000 to
5 000rpm.

The eight-speed auto gearbox gives it that race-car feeling, and for extra convenience the driver can see in what gear the car is by means of a digit on the console.

When putting the vehicle into reverse gear, the driver can see any objects behind it to avoid hitting them.

The rear and front parking sensors assist the driver in many ways to avoid scratching the car by means of a delicate alarm complemented by a clear indicator on the car’s multimedia screen.

The car comes standard with park distance control which warns the driver when the car comes too close to an object that may scratch or damage it.

An alarm goes off when the car is tampered with.

It is fitted with speed-dependent automatic door locks and two Isofix child-restraint systems, ensuring baby safety chairs are secure in case of an accident.

Drivers are even treated to knee protection airbags as another safety feature.

The vehicle also features an intelligent clearance sonar rear cross traffic alert and braking system.

The car is equipped with the refined Lexus Driving Signature.

To assist the driver, the Lexus is fitted with an array of convenience systems, such as adaptive cruise control.

This allows the driver to set the car to a pre-set speed, while at the same time monitoring any vehicle driving in front of you.

The car will even adapt (without the driver touching the brake pedal) to a slower speed to follow that vehicle until it is safe to overtake.

It features a dual climate control unit and driver seat adjustment memory settings, as well as a rear 12V power socket, ideal for charging personal electronics and four USB chargers.

The active navigation system shows you the road, the direction in which you are travelling, and provides you with other valuable information while driving.

Experience the ultimate Lexus connectivity with luxuries like in-car Wi-Fi, a GPS locator, digital logbook, and drivers’ notifications such as licence renewals, battery health checks, service bookings, and even roadside assistance.

The car’s front metallic grille is just as impressive as the rear L-shaped light bars.

To feel the car’s performance and AWD system, Top Revs hit the Brakwater service road to get first-hand experience of the corners and bends between the mountains, and can report the car remained in its lane without any effort.

Christelle Erasmus from Pupkewitz Lexus says driving the car is like touching someone’s hand you love for the first time, not wanting to let go.

“The Lexus is an eye-catching car, and once you have driven it, it is like the car talks to you and cannot be compared to any other car on the road,” she says.

The car comes with a seven-year 105 000km warranty/maintenance plan with service intervals of at least every 12 months or 15 000km.

It is available in 11 different colours with seven high-quality interior trim colours.

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