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Khorixas to instal more street signs, pedestrian crossings

The Khorixas Town Council plans to instal street signs and pedestrian crossings within the next three months, the town’s chief executive officer Andreas /Howoseb has said.

“Last year, there was a tendering process and already street signs were put up at some key points,” /Howoseb said.

He said residents removed the street signs, and he urged them to desist from the practice, as they are for their safety.

“It’s a requirement to have street signs at some places, therefore, we work with the police’s traffic division to identify places where pedestrian crossings should be,” /Howoseb emphasised.

Areas such as Namcor service station, Telecom and schools will have pedestrian crossings.

The town council has acquired a bill of quantity from the constructor, but /Howoseb did not reveal how much the project will cost.

Welwitschia Junior Secondary School principal Jocobeth Dawids welcomed the initiative to put up street signs and pedestrians crossing near schools. However, she said it would have been better if roads leading to the school could be tarred as it is dusty.

Dawids also requested the town council to clean up areas near the schools so that pupils can clearly see the street signs once they are up.

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