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Khorixas schools send pupils home over photocopy paper, fees

SEVERAL schools at Khorixas are allegedly sending pupils home if they are unable to provide photocopy paper or pay voluntary school fees.

Cornelius Goreseb High School, Welwitschia Junior Secondary School, and Versteende Woud Primary School are said to be some of these schools.

The family member of a Grade 11 pupil in the area says the pupil was sent home for not providing a ream of photocopy paper and a contribution of N$50.

“My brother’s daughter was sent home yesterday from Cornelius Goreseb High School since she didn’t have the ream of copy paper and the school fee contribution.

“Since my brother is unemployed and resides at the farm, I asked a taxi driver to buy the photocopy paper at Otjiwarongo as it’s cheaper there,” the family member says.

Another parent says her daughter was sent home from Versteende Woud Primary School as she went to school without the photocopy paper and the required financial contribution.

Parents say they had to provide their full names, their children’s grades, their children’s full names, and indicate when they would provide the photocopy paper and school fees before their children were allowed in the school’s classrooms.

A parent of a Welwitschia Junior Secondary School Grade 9 pupil says: “I am unemployed and looking for someone to do laundry for. Where will I get money for the photocopy paper and school fees (of N$150)?”

Welwitschia Junior Secondary School principal Jocobeth Dawids yesterday denied sending pupils home.

She said pupils were informed to come to school with their parents today.

The principal of Versteende Woud Primary School, Willikka Shilula, said she was not the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture’s spokesperson and hung up the phone. The Namibian could not get hold of Cornelius Goreseb High School’s principal.

Angeline Jantze, the director of education in the Kunene region, says no child may be turned away from schools or refused access to education if their parents are unable to make certain contributions.

She did, however, say parents should meet schools halfway by responding to their requests to ensure an environment conducive to proper education.

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