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I will never withdraw red line case – Amupanda

AFFIRMATIVE Repositioning leader Job Amupanda has said he will not withdraw his case to fight for the removal of the red line.

Amupanda was speaking yesterday at a media briefing on the progress of the removal of the red line.

“I will never withdraw. Even if I have to sell everything, I will be fighting for its removal. My family cannot suffer the same way,” he said.

In May, Amupanda filed a case in the High Court in a bid to have the veterinary cordon fence between Namibia’s northern and north-eastern communal areas and the country’s commercial farmland declared unconstitutional.

Amupanda said he has been frequently “subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment” by government officials requiring him to declare animal products like meat or milk in his possession, and who have been carrying out searches of his vehicle and luggage when he crosses the red line from the north to the south.

“The government is saying the red line must continue and our people should suffer. The government is saying you must not be allowed to carry meat to feed your family,” he said, adding that the fall of the red line will benefit most Namibians.

Amupanda chided the former freedom fighters for fighting against the removal of the red line.

“A freedom fighter who is fighting to keep the red line? Shame on every freedom fighter who is fighting and supporting that the red line stay. We are now victims of Shoprite because of that,” he said.


Travellers from the north are also required to step onto a disinfection mat to ensure they do not carry diseases south of the red line – something which, like the checks for animal products, is not required of people who cross the red line from south to north, Amupanda states.

Amupanda questioned whether political activists are not allowed to present cases that vindicate rights in the constitution.

He said they have done what the court has ordered them to do.

“They have ordered us to advertise the court order, I think in about four newspapers, for whoever is interested to join the case.

They were hoping I was unable to do it and mobilise resources so that I am in defiance of the court order. So, they keep me busy with the court order,” he said.

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