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How Much Do You Know About Online Cockfighting?

Online cockfighting is also known as online sabong or e-Sabong, and it is acknowledged as a kind of virtual cockfighting. Players play this game online on various websites like WPC, which host it. Sabong is an ancient sport that is hugely prevalent in many nations, especially in Southeast Asia. In this game, a couple of gamecocks are bred as well as trained so that they can fight. The gamecocks pit against one another in a sabungero or cockpits, also known as rings. On the other hand, when players choose online sabong, they can watch as well as place their bets remotely via an online platform instead of attending a cockfight event physically.

The working of online sabong

Though not every government treats online cockfighting to be a lawful activity, when you get immersed in playing this game, you have to get through the factors mentioned below:

·       The usage of an online platform – You will find various platforms and websites that intend to host online cockfighting. All these platforms work as the best places where cockfighting is streamed live.

·       Betting – To play online cockfighting game, you need to register yourself on a platform. Here, you can place your bets on the results of the cockfights. After this, you can select the gamecocks according to your intuition, like which one can be a winner or which one can’t win a match. You can place various kinds of bets, like the winning time, the winning cock, or the process of becoming victorious.

·       Live streaming – Cockfighting is streamed in real-time through video feeds, and users can have access to these fees on a platform. This way, they can witness the action. However, based on the forum, you will find various kinds of streaming features and quality.

·       Prizes and payment – Commonly, online cockfighting platforms have some kinds of payment systems for dealing with the transactions that gamers make. A user can deposit his funds into his account using various methods of payment and utilize those funds to beet. When a gamer’s chosen cock becomes the winner, he receives his winning in his account, and later he can withdraw it.

·       The legality issues– Though online cockfighting amuses every player, which is why it is popular in all games, they ought to note that the legal issues related to this game are not the same everywhere. For instance, the PNP (Philippine National Police) does not consider this activity to be legal, and President Bongbong Marcos supports it. In some places, this game is considered to be a regulated activity, but in some places, it is regarded as heavily restricted or illegal because of some gambling concerns and animal welfare. Hence, before you take part in this activity, you should educate yourself well and remain aware of the local regulations that govern this practice. 


Online cockfighting is a kind of virtual cockfighting that players play on some sites. Sabong is an outdated sport that is hugely prevalent in several nations, including Southeast Asia. However, before you play, you should be aware of its rules well and understand the laws that surround it.

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