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Haven Zoological Park’s Oktoberfest Market a success

HAVEN Zoological Park held its first Oktoberfest Market on Saturday, featuring fun activities for young and old.

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest cultural and beer festival, and a highly anticipated event celebrated across the world.

Park manager Phillip Loteryman said the zoo values tradition, and will be staging a different themed market each month.

“We have started hosting markets and for this month is was Oktoberfest. We have different markets every month. Besides the fun-filled activities, the event is a platform for everyone who can’t afford to see animals outside the city, to see them within the city,” Loteryman said.

Manager Armand Bergh said the event was a success and they achieved their goal of bringing the community together.

“People came together and enjoyed pony rides, face painting, exploring different stalls that showcased their different products and services, such as food, drinks and accessories. Both young and old from different cultures came together under one roof. We are looking forward to hosting the next market,” he said.

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