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Glider pilot dies in crash

A glider pilot, who is the husband of a member of the Namibian Marshall Rangers, died in a crash on Sunday afternoon at Bahnhof near Rehoboth.

This was confirmed by Namibian Marshall Rangers head Sean Naude.

He said the deceased was a part of the Namibian Marshall Rangers family and would be honoured as such.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the name of the deceased is yet to be made public.

Naude further clarified it was not a gyrocopter crash, but indeed that of a glider.

“We just want to amend the reports that it is not a gyrocopter that fell, but it is in fact a glider – these gliders you pull behind a vehicle, then fly through the air with them.

“We are extending our condolences, and are asking everybody to pray for the family. We will keep everybody updated,” he said.

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