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Girl (4) attacked by dog at Swakopmund

A GIRL (4) was viciously attacked by a black Staffordshire bull terrier named Pedro on Friday evening at Swakopmund.

The victim was admitted to the hospital with severe wounds on her right leg and is in a stable but serious condition.

The incident occurred near Mondesa Clinic on Olivia Haufiku Street.

According to eyewitnesses, the dog was removed from its owner’s yard without consent by a known individual, who then released the dog from its leash as it appeared to be choking. This resulted in the dog running off and attacking the child.

Swakopmund municipal spokesperson Linda Mapupa said the dog has been seized by the police and is now in the custody of the Swakopmund Municipality Animal Control Department.

It has been reported that this is the third incident involving Pedro, and the owner had received a warning from the municipality two days prior to the attack.

“The municipality’s by-laws require that dogs be on a leash when in public spaces and limit the number of registered dogs per household to four. In this case, the owner had five unregistered dogs on his property,” she said, confirming that the dog will be put down as there is no proof of vaccination, and a vet will assess it for rabies.

Mapupa said the police investigation into the matter continues, and the dog owner has visited the child in the hospital and pledged to support her and her family.

“The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and following municipal regulations. Let us hope that lessons are learned and such incidents can be prevented in the future,” she said.

Attempts to speak to the parents of the child were futile, and the hospital declined to release any information until official approval was granted.

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