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Fixit finds passion through music

DESPITE going through many hardships and struggles to get to this point, local musician Festus Nakatana aka Fixit, says he found his passion through music to reach the level of actualisation.

The singer, who was inspired to do music to be a voice for the voiceless, debuted with the album ‘Inotsha Katwali’, which simply means “do not say we were never”.

The 12-track album is packed with different genres from kwaito to Afro-pop and a bit of shambo.

Fixit regards himself as a jack of all trades, as he can literally jump on any song.

“’Inotsha Katwali’ in this context, means there are people who will look at me currently, forgetting my afflictions. To the people that are listening to the album, it can relate in any way because songs will not let no one give up in life, whatever the situation might be,” says Fixit.

He says people tend to think that once one becomes established, they no longer go through any hardships and struggles in life, hence releasing the album to reflect on his journey so far.

The album was produced by Bexxa-carter, DJ Chronics, VDK Crazy Boy, Vussand Cardo FB and Zomblam. Fixit also collaborated with artists like Makilla, Anchux, Classified, Laz Bozza, and Bliss Lavida.

Some of the songs on the album that can put you in a listening mood include ‘Inotsha Katwali’, which reflects on life’s struggles. Another standout track is ‘Efele’, featuring Kangweson and Teqla, which focuses on the importance people place on money.

“It’s not a matter of having too much money, but as long as you have something to sustain your needs and wants, you’re fine. No need to be so desperate, until you end up doing unethical things to gain wealth,” says Fixit.

Another song is ‘Let It Shine’, which is all about levelling up as a musician and capitalising on his God-given talents and other opportunities.

The album, which is available countrywide in music retail shops, will be launched in December in the central-north of the country, alongside the music video for the song ‘Inotsha Katwali’.

“I also intend to release more songs in the future, and will be performing at various establishments this December in the northern part of the county.”

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