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Drugs and alcohol rife among Khorixas pupils – police

KHORIXAS must take action if the town wants a better future for its youth.

This is according to Khorixas Police Station commander chief inspector Theopuelus Iipinge.

Pupils reportedly often attend school under the influence of alcohol, he says.

Iipinge addressed the public during a community meeting organised by the #Aodaman Traditional Authority at Eddie Bowe Primary School on Thursday.

He said Khorixas is becoming lawless.

“For crime to cease at Khorixas, let’s expose drug dealers to the police and the traditional authority, as by law, we are mandated to catch children who are selling and using dagga,” he said.

Iipinge said the community must cooperate with the police to eliminate crime, to expose drug dealers, and to expose houses from which illegal operations are run.

Iipinge referred to an anti-drug march in which schools at the town participated a few years ago.

“It was agreed then that residents should leave kids to study, give them enough food, take care of them, and buy them books, but now you are giving them dagga and money to go to a bar, and then you blame the police,” he said.

Iipinge said some parents are drinking with their children, and that a pupil was recently found sleeping in public under the influence of alcohol.

“One child had dagga in his pocket, and now you want to blame the teachers, the director and the education system for the high failure rate,” he said.

Iipinge said if the community supports drug dealers, they are destroying their children’s future.

He said about 20 pupils were last year brought to Khorixas Police Station in connection with consuming drugs and alcohol at school premises.

Khorixas constituency councillor Sebastian !Huisi !Gobs said on weekends the town’s streets are full of children until drinking outlets close.

He asked the men attending the community meeting to have regular meetings to address gender-based violence and alcohol and drug abuse at Khorixas.

!Gobs said parents are failing their children by blaming schools.

Katrina Claassen-!Aebes, the deputy chief of the #Aodaman Traditional Authority, said pupils often put dagga in loaves of bread and sell it to their peers in small packages.

Claassen-!Aebes said mothers are to be blamed for their children’s unruly behaviour.

“We give birth to them, we are the ones selling drugs, and they are the ones using [drugs],” she said.

She urged mothers at the town to stop selling drugs and to report criminal activities.

Claassen-!Aebes referrred to an occasion when that she and her chief were summoned to the police station and were introduced to girls between the ages of 12 and 15 years who were under the influence of drugs.

“The girls could not even talk properly and were shaking their heads. It was shocking,” she said.

At the meeting, some parents suggested that bars close at 22h00 on weekdays.

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