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DPO partners with Unam in fees collection

DPO Group (DPO), a leading African digital payments group operating in over 20 countries across the continent, has partnered with the University of Namibia (Unam) to make school fee payments easier.

This was confirmed by DPO this week.

Unam is the country’s largest multi-campus public research university, while DPO has developed the technology to enable businesses and individuals across the continent to make payments online and offline with all currencies and payment methods.

DPO Group currently works with over 60 000 active merchants, including businesses in the e-commerce and the travel and leisure sectors.

By integrating the DPO payment page to their website, Unam now allows new and continuing students, parents, guardians, and sponsors to pay their application or tuition fees from anywhere in the country using a credit or a debit card, said the statement.

DPO Namibia’s country manager Clifford Ganaseb says, “It is our mission to make payments easy by providing a secure platform for all businesses and institutions. Therefore, we are proud to be helping Unam collect tuition and application fees from their website.

“With this new partnership, we are not only providing payment solutions for the largest university in the country, but we are also enabling the ambitions and potential of students across Namibia who now have better access to apply to the university and to pay their tuition fees.”

Unam’s system analyst and programmer, Richard Chambula, said, “In partnership with DPO, we have not only streamlined the school and application fees collection process, but also simplified reconciliation. Almost 500 new transactions have been made since we integrated DPO to our website five months ago, indicating that our students are adopting this new payment method.”

As the leader in online collection of school payments, DPO continues offering institutions and students the technology and support to make and receive online payments, while driving financial inclusion and economic development to Africa.

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