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Code meant to support ‘real’ businesses – finance minister

MINISTER of finance Iipumbu Shiimi says the ministry’s recently launched code of good practice is meant to support “real” businesses – not briefcase entities.

The implementation of the code involves preferences in the local public procurement system, he says.

“The code of good practice we launched yesterday will go a long way in empowering SMEs, the youth, women and local businesses.

“Namibians, let’s take advantage of this opportunity created by the government to make Namibia a better place,” he said on Wednesday.

Shiimi said with expenditure estimated at 20% to 30% of the country’s gross domestic product, it is the ministry’s duty to promote, facilitate and strengthen measures to implement the empowerment and industrialisation policies of the government.

“ . . . to further grant price preferences during evaluation to categories of local suppliers, such as youth, women, small businesses, and manufacturers, which will receive an additional price preference during evaluation, and to grant national preference to Namibian suppliers,” he said.

Shiimi said these preferences will be applied by the Central Procurement Board of Namibia and public entities in the procurement of certain goods, works and services.

“The code of conduct will grant exclusive preferences to local suppliers as defined in the Amended Public Procurement Act through reservation of certain procurement of goods, works and services.

“For procurements that are subject to national preference, a margin of up to 10% price preference will be given to suppliers meeting the nationality requrirements,” he said.

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